FAQs Related To Dell Laptops


There many questions in the mind of people using Dell Laptops for which they want the perfect answer. In this post, I have mentioned some latest FAQs.  


One of the renowned names in the computer and laptop technology is Dell Inc. which is located in Texas, U.S.A. It manufactures and sells laptops, notebooks, network devices, cameras, and servers. Major competitors of Dell in the marker are Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung.  Dell is known for providing best support services to their customers.  

There are many technical problems related to their laptops for which people want an immediate answer and post their question in Dell Help Forums. I have covered some of the latest and common Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) in this article.  

1.    How install a new battery in Dell Laptop? 

For installing a new battery, follow these steps: 

•    Turn your laptop off and disconnect your Dell AC adapter. 

•    Then release your battery latch or the device which is attached to it which holds your battery in that place.  

•    After removing, take out the battery which you have bought as a replacement for the damaged one.  

•    Slide it and place your battery in another thing. 


2.    How to reset my Dell Laptop easily? 

To reset your Dell Laptop, you have to go through these steps: 

•    First check, if your laptop is plugged into your AC adapter into the right outlet.  

•    Turn your laptop ON.  

•    Click F11 again and again until your laptop screen displays “Window is loading files” 

•    After that, select System Recovery. 

•    Click “Next” after selecting “Recover without backing up your files”. 

If you didn’t understand the steps properly and want assistance regarding these steps, visit Dell Customer Care   

3.    How to restore Dell Laptop factory settings to default? 

Follow these steps: 

•    Turn On your Dell Laptop. 

•    Click “F11” until your laptop boots to the Recovery Manager from the section in the left panel which is displaying “I need help”. 

•    Select the option “Back up Your All Files” which is recommended for all Dell Laptop users.  

•    Click “Next” 


4.    How to install Windows 7 in Dell Laptop? 

•    First, turn off your laptop. 

•    After opening it, press F11 repeatedly and select Recovery Manager Option which comes on the screen.  

•    Click System Recovery option under “I need help immediately”. 

If you want to contact the Dell Support member for any help on following topics, visit our website https://dellcustomerservices.net/dell-computer-customer-support/