About Norton Antivirus 


Norton is an anti malware software that is developed by the Symantec corporation, Norton uses the signatures and heuristics to identify viruses.


Norton antivirus is initially released in the year 1991, Norton antivirus runs on the Microsoft window and Mac operating system, Symantec made changes in their portfolio and discontinued Norton antivirus this is again reversed by the Norton antivirus basic, Norton was first named as the Symantec antivirus that is for the Macintosh later in the year 1990 SAM launched the second version that eliminates the new viruses that new virus are those that were not present at the time of release, Norton also introduce many various DOS utility that has not the antivirus features, the other technologies were also marketed under the name of Norton. Norton also provides the best customer service to their customer Norton is the best antivirus available in the market we are here to provide the Norton Support Number if you face any issue at the time of installation or at any time you can contact us. 



In the earlier 1991, when many of US computer was encountered by the various foreign viruses that infection making the serious problem than the Norton group take the initiative and make an antivirus for PC and compatible computers in the 1998 SAM released his 5th version and changed the name from Symantec to Norton Antivirus for Macintosh. 


Norton introduce the product's key to their products in the year 2004 the product key is the set of an alphanumeric code that is always unique for the each and every product, every user was allowed to activate their product five times with a product key, adware and spyware detection was introduce in the year 2005 that detect and remove the spyware and adware that version is released with the tagline Antispyware Edition.

There are various versions that Norton introduce with the every year and with each year the antivirus is full of new features. On 28 Jan 2010, Norton update marked, and spotted as a Trojan horse disabling this software in the millions of personal computers. Norton was also criticized for some user said that it refuses to uninstall properly while uninstall it leaves some unnecessary files behind. Sometimes it also shows problem during the installation, during these times if you want to take help from the customer care team of Norton antivirus then you can contact them our website provides the support number of the Norton antivirus https://nortoncustomerservice.net/customer-support-details/